Curate Opportunities

We partner with advisors to bring their clients a carefully curated selection of private investment opportunities offered by managers who serve some of the most respected investment institutions.


  • Investment Philosophy

    We select investment opportunities based on the following criteria:

    • The way the fund’s strategy fits with the long-term macro-economic outlook
    • The managing partners’ track record, reputation and experience
    • The LP base the fund traditionally serves
    • The asset exposure achieved by the fund relative to similar exposures available in public markets
    • The potential illiquidity premium generated by the fund strategy over-and-above returns available in public markets
  • Client Relationship

    Advisors with whom we partner view this type of private asset deal flow as not only a competitive differentiator from a product perspective, but also a way to build goodwill with the client.

    Having the option to show their clients unique private investment opportunities helps advisors have a more complete relationship with their most prized clients.


Due Diligence

We conduct due diligence on each opportunity with advisors’ needs in mind.


  • The Unbiased Facts

    The advisors we serve are sophisticated and forward-thinking when it comes to portfolio management.

    As a result, our due diligence process is based on a partnership mentality. Not every opportunity we bring will be right for all investors. Therefore we work alongside advisors to ensure that client concerns are addressed. We present the unbiased facts of the deal and share a pros and cons list. This type of working relationship promotes an open dialogue culminating in a well-informed recommendation for the advisor’s client.

  • The Investment Advisory Committee

    Our IAC comprises a group of individuals who have held executive investment roles at leading endowments, insurance companies and family offices.

    The IAC provides guidance regarding what sorts of opportunities we should bring to the advisors we serve. The committee members provide feedback during interim diligence to help identify the crucial underwriting risks of an opportunity.

    The IAC is not involved in the day-to-day due diligence process and they are not employees of 10Talents.


Streamline Documentation

We work hard to simplify the private fund document process for advisors and their clients, from fund subscription to quarterly reporting to year end K-1’s.


  • Fund Subscription

    We guide advisors through the complex private fund subscription process for each client.

    We use technology to make the document review and execution process as efficient as possible.

  • Monitoring & Reporting

    We monitor each fund’s progress carefully throughout the fund life and provide advisors and their clients with a quarterly update as soon as we receive information from the underlying manager.

    This report details the investment exposures garnered by the managers, their progress over time, and the most recent value of the client’s investment in the private fund.

  • Tax Accounting

    We provide K-1’s and other pertinent tax documentation for each investor in each private fund. One of our primary strategic partners is a CPA firm which facilitates the cost-effective processing of tax documents.