Why We’re Different:

We’re NOT a traditional fund-of-funds

Each investment structure we create invests with one underlying manager, so our investors know exactly what they’re getting.

In addition, we believe the old fund-of-funds fee structure is excessive. As such, we strive to bring our investors top quality private investment opportunities at a reasonable cost without a performance fee.

We don’t receive a placement fee

The managers we select don’t pay us a commission for investing. We believe that would act as a bias in recommending investments.

Our investors can have confidence that we invest in funds based on a strict set of investment criteria and the support of our investment advisory committee.

We present diligence

10Talents is NOT a platform through which investors perform due diligence on investments or fund managers source capital.

Instead, the families we serve want us to find unique managers, conduct due diligence and present the unbiased facts.

For Advisors

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Our Investors

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What Is A Talent?

See how we came up with our name and the meaning behind it

The Founders

The founders and supporters of 10Talents are a core group of families and advisors who have held executive roles with leading insurance companies, endowments, and family offices. These experiences gave them knowledge of the quality of asset managers serving top institutions; yet the opportunities they were being offered by brokers and private banks were managers reaching for scale of managed assets rather than excellence of returns.

The founders’ solution was to form 10Talents to curate a limited, but diversified list of private investment opportunities, through lower cost private funds.

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