The Families

10Talents was conceived by a group of individuals who have held executive positions at well-known banks, insurance companies, endowments and family offices who wanted quality private investment deal flow in an effort to:

    • Capture an illiquidity premium over public securities that may compound the portfolio at a higher rate relative to public market returns.

    • Diversify substantial listed securities portfolios.

    • Balance the return swings of public markets over the market cycle.


Wall Street's Agency Problem

Through their career experiences these founding families were aware of the quality of asset managers serving top institutions; yet the opportunities those families were being offered by brokers and private banks were managers reaching for scale of managed assets rather than excellence of returns.


This happens because:

Fund managers who outperform at a small scale are incented to gather assets and increase revenues, which may precipitate an erosion of outperformance when scale is increased dramatically.



This quest for scale may cause the manager to:

Hire brokerage firms, banks, or funds-of-funds which overlay substantial fees for fundraising.


The Solution

The founders’ solution was to form 10Talents to curate a limited, but diversified list of private investment opportunities, through lower cost private funds in which an investor can choose to participate or pass.

10Talents works with a limited number of investors/advisors and exceptional managers who are less motivated by scale and more interested in the partners they are working with. 10Talents is an agent for the investors who pay our fees. For them we seek worthy opportunities, on which we present the unbiased facts. After investment, we manage the cash contributions and distributions, accounting, reporting, and tax documentation for each private fund and each of its investors.