Craig Hoagland

Mr. Hoagland is a partner with Anderson Hoagland & Company, an investment management firm based in St. Louis. Before joining Anderson Hoagland in 1996, he served as a management consultant in the San Francisco office of Bain & Company and taught mathematics in the public schools in Palo Alto, CA. Mr. Hoagland is also a member of the Investment Advisory Committee for Presbyterian Healthcare Services, which oversees the group’s $4.0 billion portfolio of assets allocated across public and private markets.

Mr. Hoagland received a BA in Economics ( Phi Beta Kappa) from Stanford University in 1987. He also completed the Finance Core of study at the Stanford Graduate School of Business during his undergraduate tenure. He received an MTA., also from Stanford University in 1993. Mr. Hoagland has held the Chartered Financial Analyst designation since 1999.